El Fundador


Veo el Lean Manufacturing como un libro abierto en el cual aun quedan muchas paginas por escribir.”


“My mind lie into a restless desire to continually rethink the organization’s problems, probe their root causes, and lead experiments to test the best currently known countermeasures. When this mindset is coupled with the proper Lean tools, amazing things are continually possible.” Jim Womack

Industrial systems design engineer from l’École Centrale de Nantes (France), Marc has completed a double degree in Industrial Organization Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (Barcelona).
In the professional field, Marc began his career in the automotive sector in France working for PSA and Renault and later in Germany working for MAN and Almirall, occupying a variety of positions of increasing responsibility, always in the field of operations.
As a result of these experiences, in 2010 Marc created a new type of operations consulting focused on the execution of industrial transformation plans, process reengineering and the implementation of agile tools (IT).
At this stage he has tackled a wide variety of projects in the Automotive, Consumer, Pharmaceutical, Food, Graphic Arts, Packaging, FMCG, Chemical sectors…

Currently and in parallel with his activities as Transformation Manager, he acts as Operating Partner for a well-known investment fund in Spain.